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US Marshals shoot and kill man in his vehicle.  Witnesses ask, “You have tasers and couldn’t use those?” and inquire as to what the man even did to deserve it.

You and I both know the answer.  The man in the vehicle did nothing to deserve being shot in the head by government thugs, and soon the world will know these men’s names.


Naeglaria fowleri, The brain eating amoeba

The term “brain-eating amoeba” makes the amoeba sound like a tiny zombie stalking your skull. But brains are accidental food for them.

There are many species of Naeglaria all over the planet which are present in warm soils and warm fresh standing water, however, only one species can infect humans. Like other amoebas, Naegleria reproduces by cell division. When conditions aren’t right, the amoebas become inactive cysts. When conditions are favorable, the cysts turn into trophozoites — the feeding form of the amoeba. After infection, it attacks the human nervous system and brain, causing deadly primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM)

Naeglaria fowleri was discovered in 1965. Since this date, only around 144 cases have been officially documented worldwide. At only 8 micrometers to 15 micrometers in size, depending on its life stage and environment (roughly 1/3 the diameter of a human hair), it’s hard to believe that infection by this amoeba has a 95% mortality rate. Even though infection is relatively rare, mortality is extremely high. There is no vaccine or standard treatment method.

 How do you catch it?!

The parasite exists in very warm standing water and sediment, so many people have caught the parasite from swimming or doing water sports in water that contains it, e.g. lakes and swimming holes. A whole glass of Naegleria water can be swallowed without incident, as your stomach acids make short work of burning them up. However, when people jump or fall into water, the pressure can force water (and therefore the parasite) up the nasal passages of the nose. This gives Naegleria easy access to the olfactory nerves in the nose and a quick route to the brain.

It eats brains?!

Yep. Braaaaains. In the first big gif above, you’re looking at Naegleria fowleri consuming human nerve cells. When the parasite has access to a host’s nerve and brain tissue it’s in its ideal habitat- somewhere warm and safe with lots of food. Studies suggest that N. fowleri amoebas are attracted to the chemicals that nerve cells use to communicate with one another. Once infected, the parasite moves its way into the brain where it multiplies and starts feasting. It is only usually discovered days after infection- when tissue damage starts to cause symptoms (and it’s too late).

In the second gif above, you can see a Naegleria fowleri amoeba destroying a cell. The organism begins to consume cells of the brain,piece by piece, by means of an amoebostome, a unique actin-rich, sucking apparatus extended from its cell surface. It attaches itself to the cell surface and chemically makes a cut in the cell wall. When the contents of the cell spills forth the parasite consumes them by breaking them down with enzymes that dissolve protein. It eventually causes necrosis (tissue death) and haemorrhaging. 

In response to this, the body sends out its A-team, the white blood cells, to deal with the attack. As you can see in the second gif, the white blood cells attempt to attack the Naeglaria fowleri organism, but are thwarted. The amoeba grows a ‘coating’ that the white blood cells cannot adhere to so they cannot attack it, which it then discards and uses to escape. The immune system goes into overdrive at this point and causes inflammation and swelling of the brain. 

Despite such a large mortality rate, studies show that many people may have antibodies to N. fowleri. That suggests that they became infected with the amoeba but that their immune systems fought it off.

So what are the symptoms?! 

Symptoms include: Problems with taste and smell, headache, fever, stiff neck, loss of appetite, vomiting, altered mental state, coma and seizures. It takes two to 15 days for symptoms to appear after N. fowleri amoebas enter the nose. Death usually occurs three to seven days after symptoms appear. The average time to death is 5.3 days from symptom onset. Only a handful of patients worldwide have been reported to have survived an infection.

How can I NOT catch N. fowleri?!

Firstly, be really careful when swimming in fresh standing water during warm weather when N. fowleri loves to multiply. Also, if you’re swimming or doing water sports, you can wear nose plugs and make sure you don’t swallow any water. When drinking water from lakes, or performing nasal irrigation (yes…I know), always use boiled or distilled water. Boiling water kills off the parasite. If you own a pool, make sure that it is chlorinated and if you drink water make sure that it is treated. 

It’s VERY RARE to be infected N. fowleri and develop PAM. However, not allowing this remarkable little creature access to your brain is the first step to not having it eaten.

Another thing to think about…. N. fowleri LOVES warm water. As temperatures rise, more cases could be seen in more temperate areas that are less favourable to its growth. Be careful with any standing water, wherever you are, in warm weather.

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17-year-old accepted to all 8 Ivy League colleges


17-year-old accepted to all 8 Ivy League colleges

A first-generation American from Shirley, N.Y., the 17-year-old violist and aspiring physician applied to all eight, from Brown to Yale.
The responses began…

Clapper Confesses: NSA Searching Americans' Calls and Emails


Clapper Confesses: NSA Searching Americans’ Calls and Emails

Despite professions by intelligence officials that “backdoor” searches have been strictly limited to foreign individuals, reporting Tuesday has revealed that the NSA has also conducted warrantless searches of Americans’ calls and emails.


Nine Inch Nails performing How to destroy angels songs live with Mariqueen Maandig in Tokyo, Sydney, and Auckland, February/March 2014.

Photos by Rob Sheridan.


"People are perfectly happy to see women as sex objects, but the actual biologic of our bodies is apparently gross and unmentionable."

Our Bodies, Ourselves.

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Part of a photo series that I did a while ago. My clothes did not provoke you. My body is not an accessory.  -Fable

Anonymous asked:
Yo, you guys have a lot of shit on your blog that makes fun of feminists and I don't think it's very nice. Please be conscious of the difference between feminism and misandry. Thanks









What about the feminists who are misandrist?

I do disagree with the post full of misandrists and people on Tumblr calling them feminist. I think that as long as the man-hater doesn’t identify as a feminist, she/he is just a plain misandrist.

You are welcome.


Agreed there. Some misandrists identify only as misandrists and aren’t feminists at all.

Exactly. Just like there are some liberal person who believes in equality who are not feminists, there are radical man-hating people who are just plain old misandrists.

What a person decides to call themselves then that’s what they are. Period.


I agree.
But even though some feminists identify as misandrists, and some misandrists as feminists, I don’t think that all feminists should be grouped into that category. I’m a feminist, but I love men [as I don’t see most of them as oppressors] and I am sometimes embarrassed to identify as a feminist because of the stigma and judgements surrounding it on account of extremists and misandrists. Not all feminists are like that!
By definition, feminism is not hating men, it is wanting equality.
I hope fore everyone to understand this!

True, true. Not all Feminist are like that.

But what I hate about when feminists use that is only to defend the group and pretty much disown the radicals. It gives the notion that instead of addressing the problem that the radicals are causing (more harmful is that they are also the ones that makes laws favoring women, the ones that pretty much deny men and make the law smack them in the face and making human issues a gendered issues) they just go with plugging both ears and go “La la la, I don’t hear you, they don’t exist”

Why instead of defending the movement your group don’t clean up the abuses and the extremists? Christianity did/does it with ecumenical councils, why is the group not doing something similar like that? I mean, it is an organization and a political organization can always clean up their act.

I do agree that when an anti-feminist tackle feminism, they shouldn’t attack feminists. They should attack what the group had done and why they are letting the radicals loose and free to do whatever they want.


I try to address the problems caused by the radicals when I see it or am confronted with it. I stand up for women’s rights, and since I began identifying as such, I’ve came into contact with many misandrist feminists. And in all honesty, I have argued and disagreed with nearly as many misandrists as misogynists.
I understand that there are radicals and extremists in the feminist movement who have views that do not represent equality, and while I do not disagree with these people being part of the movement, I do not think that all feminists should be attached to this man hating stigma.
You guys, btw are really good at taking into account the feelings and opinions of nearly every group, and I deeply respect you for that.

I find that great! As an anti-feminist, I am glad to see that there are feminists like you who are trying to address that. I find it refreshing and really great.

Is no problem at all. I try to be as empathetic as I can, even if I am a flawed person who is a match when provoked (Not by people like you, but you get my drill :))


Thanks! I’m glad there are people like you!