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riots in rio


Riots Brazil!


Brazil is about to start the purge tonight #purge #nobodyissafe #riots


brazil 2014


Enquanto isso, na principal avenida da capital cultural do país… #ProtestoRJ lindo, lindo, lindo! #VemPraRua


Fuck The Police.




Les CRS expliquent la dèmocratie aux jeunes militants qui défilent en soutien de Gaza


Seriously, Argentina? Your team shows up and plays a game worthy of a World Cup final, and you react with a riot?

What would you have done if you had won, then?

En passant, as the French say (being French, they can’t simply say ‘in passing’, could they now?), here is Chris Jones on Argentina’s final outing in the World Cup:

Imagine that — in the cauldron of the World Cup, in your enemy’s house, and going 18 sleepless days without allowing a goal.

Claiming the World Cup, though, even given defensive near-perfection, requires you to score goals, too, and the Argentines could manage only two in their past four games. That had been enough to advance, if barely, but it was not enough to win when there were no more games to go. It’s amazing how something so big — these months and years of effort, game after game after game — comes down to something so small: a ball inside a post instead of outside it; an opponent’s moment of perfection after however many broken chances.

Chris Jones has done some exceptional dead-ball writing to deadline through this Cup. Here is his final piece, on Argentina and the little things that make a big difference.


A friend makes these and I had to get one.


You thought I was kidding about the riots?